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Thoughtful Thursdays # 100 – 100 Positive Words for You


You’re the best. You are great. Believe in yourself. There is always a way to figure things out. You are not helpless or hopeless.

You are smart and grounded.  You are protected. You are cared for. You  are lucky. Anything  is possible. You are growing all the time.

Don’t force anything just keep moving. You are a winner.  What someone else believes about you is none of your  business. Focus on your own life. Use your talents and  skills  to improve your  own life.

Challenges will come and  you  will get  through them.  You have  everything you need to  succeed.


Peer Pressure


Children are not the only group to succumb to peer pressure.

I recently saw peer pressure at work at my office. One person clearly expressed a personal desire. Not anything out of the ordinary and announced he wanted to pursue an action to improve his life. The second  person became so enraged with jealousy because he did not think of it first and is making the first persons life miserable. Unfortunately, person one is subordinate to person two.

The first person is now quiet and dejected, embarrassed and ostracized for the moment. It will change because person one has bent over to peer pressure and the threat of financial ruin.

How stupid it is to be jealous and use your power to hurt someone else especially in a professional environment. The second person won’t get anywhere. The only thing accomplished was a show of power.

How sad and frustrating it is to be forced to act fake in order to survive. How sad to live in fear of being whipped and beaten by a nobody who thinks they are entitled to beat down others for ego purposes.

What is the resolve? I don’t know at the moment. I hope person one gets what they want and person two gets what they deserve.




10 Things To Consider About Rejection


When any form of rejection happens, it is time to reflect. Here are some things to think about.

1.  It’s time to readjust your path.

2.  It’s them, not you.

3.  What areas do I need to improve on my path.

4.  What is the lesson.

5.  Mourn the loss.

6.  Avoid the same trap in the future.

7.  It is not the end.

8.  Keep moving.

9.  Reject them back.

10. Let it go.

As in any loss you will experience a lot of grief. It will pass. go easy on yourself. You will get through and be better for it.





It’s no fun when someone rejects you. Especially if you had  great communication before hand.

Sometimes you will know the reason they back off. Sometimes you don’t.

It is OK. The pain of rejection and disappointment will wear off

Remember: Poor behavior is a reflection on them. Not you.

If they can’t talk to you about what is bothering them, then they are dishonest, childish and disrespectful.

You don’t need that negativity – just keep moving.

Thoughtful thursdays #99-Free Thinkers


How much of your day is occupied with playing it safe? Are your thoughts about taking the easy way out? Or are you thinking of different possibilities?

Free thinking is about thinking out side of the mainstream. It is thinking about the many different ways there are of tackling an issue.

Thinking in a new way is not only for solving problems. It is for changing, upgrading and getting in sync with a new quality in your life. A new quality like peace and happiness, a vocation to live for, a mission to accomplish, a new outlook, a more truer to who you are life.

Just think about what you want. Write it down. Don’t expect change right away. Take your time because the road is never straight when change is around.

Think Away!!


Healthy and Unhealthy Boundaries


Boundaries can be subtle or obvious. Here’s a partial list adapted from

Trust everyone or no one vs developing appropriate trust over time.

Black and white thinking vs realizing nothing is black and white.

Expecting others to automatically meet your needs vs communicating your wants and needs. (with the possibility of them being declined).

Self abuse vs treating yourself with respect and dignity.

Giving too much or not at all vs respect for others generosity.

Believing others can read your mind vs recognizing others can’t read your mind.

These are just a few boundary issues prevalent in our lives. Let’s add to the list and change what we can to foster our own growth.

Mere Cogs


Great Middle Way

human-social-cogs-systemOur teachers are trying to lead us to acknowledge the true nature of our minds. We have accepted limitations that are not in our nature.

We have reduced what we are and how we are. We have minimized our capacities. We have accepted a view of ourselves as small, insignificant, disposable cogs in the machinery.

We cling to that pitiful identity and defend it with tooth and nail. Our teachers are trying to open our eyes and show us the unlimited, undefiled expanse of the mind.

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Thoughful Thursdays – #98 – No Obstructions


If you had no obstruction inward or outward and  no obtrusive thoughts, what would you do with your life?

1. what would you do for a living?

2. where would you spend your time?

3. would you travel?

4. would you spend time learning about yourself and all the parts you have neglected?

5. would you write a book or read all the books that you are interested in?

6. where would you live?

7. what would you change?

8. would you create a new life based on your loves and likes?

9. would you become a hermit and meditate on life’s mysteries?

10. would you be afraid of your new-found freedom?

Make a list. It’s usually the last things on your list that are the truest because your ego wants to be first.

Happy freedom and discovery.

Saying I Love You In 10 Different Languages


Now you can impress your friends and lovers by saying  “I Love You”  in ten different languages. Have fun.

1. English – I love you

2. French – Je t’aime, Je t’adore

3. Pig Latin – Iay ovlay ouyay

4. Yoruba – Mo ni fe

5. Spanish – Te quiero / Te amo

6. Polish – Kocham Ciebie

7. Creole – Mi aime jou

8. Hawaiian – Aloha Au Ia`oe

9. Hawaiian – Aloha Au Ia`oe

10. Scot Gaelic – Tha gra\dh agam ort




10 Ways To Tell The Truth About What is Bothering You


We all tell little white lies in order to avoid a confrontation or not to hurt someone’s feelings. When that no longer works we must fess up and tell the truth. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Say what you have to say peacefully with caring.

2. Before speaking be honest with yourself and what you have to say. Respond don’t react.

3. Write it down first to clear your mind.

4. Trust yourself and your ability to speak truthfully.

5. Expect the other person to get angry. Don’t say anything if you are angry.

6. It will feel uncomfortable to speak the truth at first. But stay strong. Don’t buckle under to anger or guilt.

7. Follow your heart.

8. Feel the sensations in your body. This is where you feel the surrounding energy.

9. Talk it out with someone first.

10. Ask a question to start a conversation about the subject.

Ignoring what bothers you has a band-aid effect on problems. It doesn’t last.

Don’t wait. Find a way to say what you need to say. It will clear the air and allow for positive movement.