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Wholesome and Unwholesome


Great Middle Way

1465125_449880231848794_7590114971084743906_nUnwholesome Acts

Of the Body: Killing, Stealing, Sexual Misconduct

Of Speech: Lying, Sowing Discord, Harsh Speech, Idle Chatter

Of Mind: Covetousness, Malice, Holding and Justifying Wrong Views

Wholesome Acts

The Ten Perfections: Generosity, Morality, Patience, Effort, Concentration, Discernment, Aspiration, Skillful Means, Wisdom, Power

The Four Ways of Gathering: Kindness, Encouragement, Instruction, Example

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Thoughtful Thurdays # 107 – Curiosity


Curiosity Killed the Cat

But Satisfaction Brought Him Back


I love curiosity. Where would humanity be without it. Back in the stone age I would guess.

Curiosity is  a gift, a magical and logical way to solve problems.

Curiosity is creative thinking and the answer to most questions.

Aren’t you curious about why your life is the way it is?

Aren’t you curious about how things work, how mankind evolved orfinding answers to your own burning questions?

This is a free talent we are born with. Use it. It is where you will find your path and answers to your own personal questions.

Curiosity is how you change your personal world and the world at large.

Your curiosity is important. Because you are curious you unwittingly add to the evolution of the world.

Be curious and never let anyone stop you.



It’s All In Your Mind


This is an old adage. For millenia philosophers, sages and ordinary folk understand on a fundamental level that everything begins and ends in the mind.

We are talking about thinking. Not magical thinking or wishes. This is thinking with action.

It’s making up our minds and acting on it.

Of course this is simpler said than done. If you are fed up with the same negative results over and over again then it’s time to change some small action. One small change will kick in the domino effect. One thing affects another and so on.

Keep in mind it takes about six weeks for any change to become effective. So have patience.

Change demands boundaries and commitment and movement in a gentle way. In a non-judgemental way.

It’s OK if you fall short of your objective. It’s OK if you start again from square one. It’s OK if you re-adjust again and again to get to your objective.

Just start and try. You can always change your mind.



Thoughtful Thursdays #106 – Habits


How much of your behavior is a habit? Do you  eat because the clock says it’s mealtime but you aren’t really hungry? Do you buy stuff- just because? Did some behavior become common because everyone else is doing it?

Do you have routines that you do by rote without thinking? Did you learn somewhere in your life that certain things are only done a certain way?

Did you forget to stop and observe what you are doing? What habit is not working for you anymore? What habit does not resonate with your life at this time? What is the habit that is holding you back and you know in your gut it has to go?

What’s the best way to kill a habit? Maybe cold turkey. Maybe negotiating with our minds to slowly back off of the habit. Maybe getting angry at yourself for continuing the habit even though you know it’s bad for you. Maybe stopping but still doing the habit once in a while risking full-blown relapse. Maybe finding a support group.

Definitely some courage is necessary, some realistic self talk and some determination even when you don’t feel like it.

There is no right or wrong way to kill a habit. Just as long as you kill it. Killing a habit is acceptable, necessary and holistic. Killing a bad habit with a new good habit is the easiest way to permanently kill a bad habit.

You’ll gain confidence and the new habit of persistence and personal strength. Which helps in all areas of your like.

It won’t be easy in the beginning. Habits are evil and don’t play nice. There is no reasoning with habits. Especially bad ones.

But you are the boss not them. So go for it. You will win in the end because a bad habit is a fear and a fear is a lie. The bad habit will eventually go away and you will be the victor.

Congratulations you win.

You knew that anyway.

Didn’t you?


Thoughtful Thursdays #105 Relationships


What a loaded subject. If you want peace in all your relationships remember:

The other person’s behavior towards you tells you how they feel about themselves.

Their behavior has nothing to do with your value.

If you remember this, as time goes on you’ll stop reacting in your realtionships and start enjoying your relationships.