Daily Archives: July 16, 2015

Thoughtful thursdays #99-Free Thinkers


How much of your day is occupied with playing it safe? Are your thoughts about taking the easy way out? Or are you thinking of different possibilities?

Free thinking is about thinking out side of the mainstream. It is thinking about the many different ways there are of tackling an issue.

Thinking in a new way is not only for solving problems. It is for changing, upgrading and getting in sync with a new quality in your life. A new quality like peace and happiness, a vocation to live for, a mission to accomplish, a new outlook, a more truer to who you are life.

Just think about what you want. Write it down. Don’t expect change right away. Take your time because the road is never straight when change is around.

Think Away!!


Healthy and Unhealthy Boundaries


Boundaries can be subtle or obvious. Here’s a partial list adapted from LoveEngineer.com.

Trust everyone or no one vs developing appropriate trust over time.

Black and white thinking vs realizing nothing is black and white.

Expecting others to automatically meet your needs vs communicating your wants and needs. (with the possibility of them being declined).

Self abuse vs treating yourself with respect and dignity.

Giving too much or not at all vs respect for others generosity.

Believing others can read your mind vs recognizing others can’t read your mind.

These are just a few boundary issues prevalent in our lives. Let’s add to the list and change what we can to foster our own growth.