Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s too Damn Hot


It’s been over 100 degrees out and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. I hibernate in the summer like a bear hibernates in the winter. It’s too damn hot, too sticky, my dog is uncomfortable and it’s impossible to get cool.

But all is not lost. Before you know it this heat will pass and the Fall will be here again. I’m waiting for the Fall when the air is cool and the leaves are gold and red. Apple picking and pumpkin cutting and Halloween candy.

Wake me when the Fall is here.



What a loaded subject. There are so many different definitions of love that no one knows for sure what it means. Love is defined as physical attraction, falling in love with the shoes in a department store window, a pet, a person, a lifestyle, an emotion, the list is endless.

I am now going to put an end to all false notions of what love is. Here goes:

Love is an attitude. It’s the choice to be kind-hearted even when others are not.

Chew on that for a while and you will see that situations mentioned on the endless list eventually fade because people are moody and fashions go out of style and life flows and is not static. However the one thing that will remain the same and have permanent impact is choosing loving kindness. Kindness to anyone or anything ripples positive personal power. Kind-hearted love reaps permanent change and brings us all closer to each other, cooperative and happy. Loving kindness creates trust. Choosing this kind of love will make you a hero to those who know you. This love is free and easy to apply. Just like jam on bread. Sweet and tender like a baby.

So try it. Choose to be loving for just one day and see the difference. And this love will come back to you many times over.