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If someone truly loves you

they don’t judge you by your past.

But instead create a future with you.

Affirmation for the New Year.


I can make improvements in my life

I will make effort to change

I am able to take care of myself

Self control is my new friend

Self control is fun


from Me

Make 2014 your best year ever.

Happy New Year

Do You Know Me?


Don’t talk about me until you talk to me.

Don’t under estimate me until you challenge me.

don’t judge me until you know me.






Trust your hunches. They are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.


Dr. Joyce Brothers

11 Painful Things


1. Bringing back the feeling you learned to forget.

2. Reminiscing the good times.

3. Trying to hide what you really feel.

4. Loving someone who loves another.

5. Having a commitment to someone you know won’t last.

6. Shielding your heart to love somebody.

7. Loving someone too much.

8. Right love at the wrong time.

9. Taking risk to fall in love again.

10. Accepting that it was never meant to be.

11 What If’s.



A Good Relationship

Is when someone accepts your past

Supports your present



Your future

Thoughtful Thursdays #45


Wow, just yesterday it was Christmas. It seems the anticipation of Christmas is endless. Then in just twenty four short hours Christmas comes and goes until next year. Now comes the anticipation for New Years eve. Which will come and go just as quickly.

Time is gift. Let’s not waste it. Before you know it time will pass just as quickly as Christmas and New Years. Do the best with your time so you don’t regret wasting it.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.



Throughout the holidays I am centered, calm and balanced.

Today I give myself permission to do whatever gives me the most pleasure.

Change and surprise are evident everywhere I go today. I look with delight at all I see.

Today whenever I need anything I know that it will be provided.

Louise Hay