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The Univerise

We are the universe (via

We are the universe, and the universe is inside of us. We are all connected. Everything is made up of the same, and it is our universal consciousness that we have forgotten. We have to re-learn these things, and love one another, and love ourselves…

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Climbing A Different Tree…


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Doug Does Life

The unknown is a scary place. We build it up in our imagination, telling ourselves that we’ll fail, we’ll look stupid, or we won’t know what to do. Basically, the unknown is a giant bogeyman upon which our inner critic can project our fears.

Doing something new, or even the thought of it, often paralyzes those faced with action. Many people are stuck in unhappy lives because they choose the known over the unknown…

No one likes to feel like the newbie. It’s uncomfortable being in new surroundings. Life is much easier when no thought is involved, and coasting is the way to go. It’s easier, but not usually rewarding. To grow personally, the unknown must be faced, and become the known. Only by plunging in, dealing with the discomfort and learning something new can we keep progressing on the path to contentment in life and work.

Pride often keeps…

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Thoughtful Thursday #43 Thanksgiving


In the spirit of Thanksgiving I have made a list of things I am thankful for and below that is a gift to you:

I am thankful for:

My kids
My dog and four cats
My problems
My life
My creativity
All the people I know, the good and the bad
My computer
My car
My spirituality
My success and failures

My Gift To You:

I wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity
I wish for your suffering to end immediately
I wish you every benefit that life can give you
I wish you tremendous love
And if that is not enough
I wish you a forever understanding of your self.

Happy Thanksgiving

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thoughtful Thursdays #42 Winner


Louise Hay is my idol. Here is some of her wisdom.

I am a natural winner.

As we learn to love ourselves we become powerful. Our love for ourselves moves us from being victims to being winners.
Our love for ourselves attracts to us wonderful experiences. People who feel good about themselves are naturally attracti9ve because they have a n aura about them that is just wonderful. They are always winning at Life. We can be willing to learn to love ourselves. We can be winners too.

Pleasure vs Joy


‘Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.’

Eckhart Tolle

Thoughful Thursdays # 41 Communication


Sometimes the best form of communication is silence. It does not mean the absence of thought (which is impossible). Silence allows for enough detachment to see the chatter of the mind and the truth.

When we allow silence we become powerful because eternal truths are revealed. The old worn out untrue stories we tell ourselves are shown for what they are: Lies. Our intuition is present. Silence develops our mental and spiritual power.

Silence in interactions is a powerful tool to cool anger and show you can be trusted. Silence allows for any situation to burn itself out to it’s proper conclusion.

Silence is grounding and perfect. You can expect your mind to rebel and resist. By practicing silence the rebel and resistance goes away long enough for your intuition to emerge.

Try it. Sit quietly in the morning for 10 minutes and be in the moment. If your mind is racing, follow your breath. You will notice a change in yourself and your day. You will be peaceful and clear headed.

Cherish the silence.





It is a sign of wisdom to be able to set goals and then, having done so, to let them go. All that is required for success is a vision of the destination. The journey itself will reveal the means to take you there.

Thought for Today