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Thoughtful Thursdays #109 – Hope


Do you have an expectation or hearts desire? Do you want something to happen? Do you long for, wish for, desire for a personal fulfilment.

That is hope. I hope this situation goes in my favor. My heart longs for a better whatever. I have desired that goal forever.

Until the very last-minute of our lives there is hope. Hope for a change. Hope for our longings. Hope for our desires. Hope for our lives to be better.

Hope is also trust. It is trusting ourselves and the movement of life. Hope is not a wishful thinking state of mind. One must be active in observing our own actions and the actions surrounding us. Hope is hanging in there when we don’t know the answers. Hope is an antidote and answer to disbelief, doubt, despair, fear and hatred.

With that I hope you have all that makes your life better.

Your life is not over yet.

Time to hope for the best.



Thoughtful Thursdays #108 – Time


How often do we complain about not having enough time? I do it all the time. No pun intended. However, There is the same amount of time every day, the same twenty four hours again and again.

Maybe the issue is not time but distractions. I get redirected by chores, mini and maxi crisis, unexpected detours in my plans, becoming too tired to continue, making time for others and a million and one extra steps in the dance of my day.

The struggle to do the things that are necessary for me and distractions is a contant juggling act. My life feels like a circus act.

When these distractions happen I pick a time that is for me. I handle whatever needs to be handled and move my actions to the time I picked for myself.

It’s not easy but it works every time.

Pick time for what is important for you. No one else will. Carry On.



The point of pain is

to show you where

you undervalued,

overlooked, ignored,

abandoned, ignored,

postponed, neglected,

deferred, forgotten,

cast aside, shunned,

disregarded, uncared for,

despised, unwanted,

dismissed and unloved


Stop doing that. Please.