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Thoughtful Thursdays – # 119 – Taking Inventory


Benjamin Franklin did it. All 12 Step programs do it. You do it in therapy. When something rattles your life you do it.

Take inventory.

Painful yet tremendously healing.

Taking inventory is not punishment or to shame or hurt you. Taking inventory is to step back from situations and see why you react and behave in certain ways that are less than desirable. What do you feel? Is the feeling reminiscent of the past? Do you need to continue reacting or can you stop and walk away or just be present in the moment.

What behaviors have I learned that no longer serve my higher purpose? What can I change about me that will move me to a higher level? How can I remove any toxic reactions from my behavior?

Taking inventory removes mind blindness and makes you more mindful and present. Taking inventory invites you to be you. A healthy, productive, kind and individual person you are meant to be. Put up boundaries, create movement, learn new things, don’t stagnate.

BE THE PERSON YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. You are not meant to be a clone or shadow to anyone or anything. You are meant to be you.

So take inventory. Do it often and stay open to your inner guide. And be you.


Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Every now and then something comes into our lives to question everything we believe.

The ending of a relationship, loss of a job, falling in love, illness and you can add many more to the list.

Big changes are  really uncomforable emotionally and we want the pain to stop now, right now.

At times like these we can fall back into old patterns of denial, addictions, anger, self centeredness and running away.

We can hide behind religion, fake self righteous beliefs or hide behind anything outside of our unease. We can fight for things to stay the same.

As you are being pushed out of your comfort zone there is a message from the pain.

Everything changes,

We are not meant to stay stagnant.

We are meant to grow.

Hence the reason for the upset. Life is movement and changes all the time.

You are meant to be happy and grow. Life is designed for that. You have the freedom to do as you wish.

We all  have responsibilites and the problem of fitting in the world to feel safe. The truth is you have made choices that put you where you are.

You can choice differently. It won’t be easy but it will equip you with deep understanding of yourself.  In turn you will understand others and be a better human citizen. You will be put in your rightful place in your world.

Go ahead,

choose one small thing

and change it.

Searching for our DNA


There is something in our DNA that has us gravitate toward certain people.

It goes something like this:

orange me, red me

talk to me, bleed me,

the blood in my veins flows into yours

like a river,

with no pain,

dancing lovely down stream.

samba with me, be with me,

we are healed already

in our DNA.

we belong to each other

without possession.

melt with me, work with me,

take me to other realms

outside of normal

there is no normal

ground me, electrify me

stay with me

connect with me,

hear me, see me,

begin with me, end as us


 Connections between people happen on many levels. Some levels are obvious some are hidden. If you can just stay aware and awake long enough. You will find the reason. And grow from there.

Happy Searching.

Beliefs – Robert Fulghum


“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. Than laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.”

Robert Fulghum

Insightful Mr. Fulghum

Do You Know Me?


Don’t talk about me until you talk to me.

Don’t under estimate me until you challenge me.

don’t judge me until you know me.




Thoughful Thursdays # 41 Communication


Sometimes the best form of communication is silence. It does not mean the absence of thought (which is impossible). Silence allows for enough detachment to see the chatter of the mind and the truth.

When we allow silence we become powerful because eternal truths are revealed. The old worn out untrue stories we tell ourselves are shown for what they are: Lies. Our intuition is present. Silence develops our mental and spiritual power.

Silence in interactions is a powerful tool to cool anger and show you can be trusted. Silence allows for any situation to burn itself out to it’s proper conclusion.

Silence is grounding and perfect. You can expect your mind to rebel and resist. By practicing silence the rebel and resistance goes away long enough for your intuition to emerge.

Try it. Sit quietly in the morning for 10 minutes and be in the moment. If your mind is racing, follow your breath. You will notice a change in yourself and your day. You will be peaceful and clear headed.

Cherish the silence.


Short Story Saturday #1 The Future


I am starting a series of very short stories with a positive theme. Please enjoy and your comments are always welcome.

Once upon a time, just a week ago I found a winding road. Since I have nothing else to do I walked on it. The beginning of the path was easy; there were no bushes or rocks to trip on, just smooth dirt. Confident I could continue unencumbered I trekked on.

As I walked the light became a little less so I had to adjust my eyes to the the light. I tripped on an upturned tree root and fell on my knees. Ouch that really hurt. I got up and brushed myself off. I wasn’t bleeding anywhere so I continued. The trees became thick with only trickles of light. I hobbled carefully on the road that was becoming increasingly unpredictable. Boulders, vines, downed trees and unrecognizable sounds were invoking fear and uncertainty in me. Why did I walk down this path in the first place? I can’t turn back because the way is no longer clear. I must go forward.

It occurred to me this is the road to my future. Each obstacle is just a teacher on this path. I must learn to be unattached to the outcome of each obstacle.

Lightened from the burden of fear I walked on and went over, under, around or through each obstacle laid in front of me. It didn’t take long to find the end of the winding road.

There is was, exactly what I was looking for, my future in my own way.