Monthly Archives: February 2012



Once upon a time there was a cat named Moe

He took a ride on a boat to row

Off to China to find his friend Crow

After much adieu from friends and foe

Moe took off and the wind did blow

Moe found Crow in China’s grotto

Crow said Moe I don’t want to go

Moe was sad and bid bye to his bro

See you soon pal at the next road show

Don’t feel low if your friend is a so and so

Go to the diner and get a sloppy Joe

Moe is happy he didn’t have to undergo

Anymore woe from his ex-friend Crow

Who ended up being a real Joe blow

Moe went home with a row, row, row

Back to friends and foe

Where’s Crow they wanted to know

He refused to come back woe, woe, woe

It’s better this way I know

Better to let go of long ago

Time to outgrow the status quo

Change is good from head to toe

Wanna make my life a picture show

And not hold back from electric glow

Just like Santa with a Ho, Ho, Ho

I will move forward with streamline flow