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Equanimity is viewing

those we love

and those we hate

and wanting both to be happy.

Shi Wuling

Thoughtful Thursdays #79 – Going with the Flow


I wonder if anyone else goes through this. I find when I push and try to force an event, it usually doesn’t work.

When I go with the flow of events, things work out perfect.

I must remind myself that stepping back and letting life flow without my interuption is the better way to get what is perfect and necessary.

Happy flowing.





do not resent the heavens for ones’s fate.

do not blame our problems on others.

realize the negative cause

lies within us,

was created by us,

can only be changed by us,

resolved by us with




Shi Wuling

Narcissistic Sociopaths and Stonewalling (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment)


knowledge is power.

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If you are or have ever been in a relationship with a narcissistic sociopath (or any number of pathologically disordered characters, for that matter), you’ve been stonewalled. Being stonewalled is disturbing and frustrating, to say the least.

The following seven (7) characteristics of “Stonewalling” were taken from the blog, Psychopath Resistance.

1. Refusal to negotiate a conflict in good faith.

2. Refusal to discuss honestly one’s motivations.

3. Refusal to listen to another point of view with openness.

4. Refusal to compromise.

5. Refusal to collaborate.

6. Refusal to support the other person’s plans.

7. Refusal to accept influence.

Stonewalling tactics guarantee narcissistic supply.

After prolonged periods of being stonewalled, we are forced to do whatever it takes to get an answer and to resolve the issues. We drop to our knees begging and pleading for answers.

They count on us to offer up an apology and to admit…

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We Are One


we are one,

all part of one another.

if one part suffers and feels pain then

we also suffer and feel pain.

we are one.

Shi Wuling

Good and Bad


everyone has a combination

of good and bad qualities.

the ones we dwell on

all too often

tell more about us

than about others.

Shi Wuling

We Are What We Think


All that we are

arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts,

we make the world.

by Master Chin Kung