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Memories of an Absentee Father


The Nephilim Rising™

Daniel Murtaugh

Image: Daniel Murtaugh

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”

John Steinbeck

Father’s Day has always been hard for me, and I don’t know why I thought this year was going to be different, maybe it was wishful thinking that it would be easier, that suddenly the pain of a “presently absent” Father would heal itself; I was naively, foolishly wrong. This year isn’t any different than it has been for the, almost, 31 years of my life. My Father is a topic that is still an open, gushing wound. I have been through therapy, I have talked to him, I have forgave him, I have battled the inner demons that were left behind because of this man, but still, he, or the idea of him, haunt me, relentlessly.

This is not some woes me post, I am…

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I don’t find it hard to hear my inner voice. I find it hard to follow its advice.

If I don’t listen then events go from mild irritation to full-blown chaos.

I can count many times there was chaos and for a very long time.

It is easier to ignore that inner voice than to follow its advice because I don’t want to make effort. Effort involves a commitment to action which leads to change. Change is scary and hard to do because of the uncertainty involved.

I find that when I do have the courage or stamina to follow its advice I win every time.

I guess practice makes perfect.

Happy listening.

Thoughful Thursdays #96 – Signals


We live such small lives compared to what we are capable of. We become complacent and stay in our comfort zone. We wish and long for other things we think are better for us but do nothing to change our lives.

There are signals that crop up from time to time ushering us to move in a certain direction. Focus on the signals, this is the easy way to change.

Signals come from a chance meeting, words in a book, something said, inspiration, serendipity, these are just a few signals,  Pay attention to the signals, they are there for you to act upon. You are being led and sent to your next destination.

You can be led willingly or kicking and screaming. It is up to you.

This destination may not be conventional. You may not understand it in the beginning.

Sometimes there is no logic, no reason, no guideposts as to where you are being led and that is OK.

This destination is only for you, no one else. Relax and enjoy the ride. You will arrive when its necessary.