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Thoughtful Thursdays # 13


Hey Gang.

Yes it’s been a while since Thoughtful Thursdays was posted. Today’s post is about the Queensborough Public Library

I have loved the library since I was little. Every week since forever ( since I was little) I have taken out library books. Even today I took out books. This is my own public plug for all libraries.  Where can you get books Like Seth Godin’s enormous collection of business books? Or Christine Perillo’s cookbook series. And classics like Shakespeare, Dante, Madeline, Curious George, Dr. Seuss. 

Any book I have an interest in I check with the library first. 99% of the time they have it. Right now I am reading Margaret Atwoods “Negotiating with the Dead” suggested reading from Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. Both books I got from the library.

With the onset of e books, Nooks, IPads and such the library is not going anywhere. They will keep up to date with technology for sure. There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing the library will continue to be around for a long time.

So go there, get a library card, meet the great people who work there, cool off or warm up. It’s a place to learn or just socialize.

Happy Reading.









I Love Cats


Mountains of Colorful Cats.
Tiny Itty Bitty Cats.
Cats that run and Jiggle.
Stand on their heads and Wiggle.
Upside down Tricks and Dancing Brown Kittens.
There’s happy Cats.
There’s snoozy Cats.
Cats that chase butterfly’s.
Cats that flip upside down.
Cats that like toys.
Cats with long fur and short fur.
Cats are quiet.
You can’t hear them walking.
Talking Cats.
Running up a tree Cat.
Spying on birds Cats.
I love Cats that nap in the sun.
I love Cats that play with bunnies.
I love Cats with cold noses.
I love Cats and they love me.



There are occasions that all of us played a part in the blame for something. Our part in the blaming event has become hidden in forgetting what we did with whom. We cannot recall the events or actions of the time. Or maybe we have gone into denial of what was actually done.

It is helpful to be aware that an error in judgment or misunderstanding is more about choosing the wrong option at the time. As soon as you realize this it is your opportunity to change direction. Perhaps you are partly to blame. If so, admit it. At that moment you make the choice not to repeat the same mistake again.

 If you make the choice not to repeat the same mistake and slip up, take heart and keep trying. You will succeed.

 Happy trying.