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Thoughtful Thursdays #26


I ran across the mention of a Tibetan yogini by the name of Machig Labdron. She lived in Tibet from 1055 CE to 1149 CE.  You can Google her is you want to know more about her fascinating life. She is known for the following 5 sayings. To practice all of them covers just about every aspect of negativity that holds you back. If you practice them you will become brave and confident. Guaranteed.

 1. Confess your hidden thoughts.  (This is not the same as confessing to a priest. It is acknowledging what is bothering you. You can write or tell someone, it’s up to you).

2.Approach what you find repulsive.  (For example, you see a dirty, homeless person and you are repulsed. Try looking at that person instead of ignoring them)

3.Help those you think you cannot help. (For example, speaking to someone who can’t help himself or herself like a struggling addict).

4.Anything you are attached to, give it back. (This means, instead of being so attached to something that it obstructs your life, let it go and trust that if its meant to stay it will).

5.Go to places that scare you. (That job interview, new places, eating alone in a restaurant, speaking up, the cemetery or any place that creeps you out. Not unsafe situations).

 This practice is easier said than done most of the time. Because life has a way of keeping certain issues in front of you time and time again. Those issues will stay there until you face them. These sayings or method of eliminating stressful issues will work if you try them.

 Happy hunting down those pesky stubborn issues that won’t go away and dissolving them.

Thoughful Thursdays #25



The blips on the radar of your life.

 In case you don’t know what a blip is here’s the definition I will be using:  something small within a larger context.)

Here are some bad blips.

It was the last time you had a difficult time. The time when the difficulty was small. The other time when the difficulty was extra large. The time you lost something or have some setback.

 Then there are the good blips.

The accomplishment that made you proud. Something new and shiny caught your attention. The ordinary days where all is smooth.

 Now what the “blip” does all this mean?

 It takes good blips and bad blips to balance out your life.

Bit By a Dog


I have a wonderful dog. My dogs name is Rocky. He is 130 lbs and is a mixed breed of Lab and Rottie. He is smart and strong and loveable.

On Sunday in the early evening we were at the dog park. Since it was so hot my dog was sitting and relaxing. A lady came in with a pit and a shar pei. She stood in front of my dog and took the leash off her shar pei. For whatever reason the shar pei attacked my dog. Rocky was taken by surprise and got up to defend himself. In the meantime she was trying to get her dog under control and I was trying to get my dog under control. As I reached for my dog her dog swooped in to bite my dog but my hand was in the way. Instead he bit me. It hurt. I told her the shar pei bit me and she was genuinely concerned. She said if I needed anything she would pay for it. I was so impressed by her show of responsibility.

I washed off the bite, Rocky was fine and I was the only casualty. On Monday morning I went to the doctors. She said I did not need antibiotics because it was not infected. The pain was a result of the bruising from the bite and I consider myself very lucky it was not worse.

From this event I am reminded how powerful dogs are and how important it is to respect them and be cautious. My dog is so strong that I have to always were sneakers to support my balance. I have fallen many times because he will run after a cat or bird and I am no match for him when he runs. One time I fell and broke a rib. So for a long time now I just put him in the car and drive a mile to the dog park to avoid this kind of problem.

Rocky is a very good boy but he is still a powerful animal. His job is to be a guard dog and is very protective. He knows his job and does it well.

I have no bad feelings toward the dogs or the owner because that’s the risk of owning any dog. Even a little one can do damage.

So I leave you with this: Dogs are super creatures.
They are loyal, kiss a lot, like a child and need us as much as we need them. Great protectors, teach us the cycle of life and great conversation pieces. Are a lot of work but worth it.

Give a your dog a hug today, if you don’t have a dog, hug someones dog, but ask first.

Thoughtful Thursdays #24


I realized that I have no enemies, only teachers. Each perceived enemy, obstacle and unnerving situation is a growth spurt in the timeline of my life. Each seeming bad person, organization or situation is really the wonderful opportunity to participate in having things fall apart right in front of me and participating in pulling them back together again.

We do ourselves a great injustice by not looking at uneasy situations as a teaching. By looking at it as a teaching we will not run away or look for an escape. Instead we can be objective, be in the moment and in an instant the situation comes into perspective and passes in its own time.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with things that are not working:

1. Stop your mind from racing
2. Be objective
3. Don’t look for an escape
4. Even if you are terrified stay in the moment
5. Respect yourself by having the courage to be still
6. Notice your feelings and thoughts but don’t react to them
7. Finally, just let go

Most of the time our days ordinary. On those days we can practice doing the things that make us happy inside of us not outside of us.

Know that everyday is a chance to change, to make choices, and move into a position of personal strength. So when bad things happen you won’t be so derailed. Learning to be calm in the face of adversity takes time. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away. Life will always help you by putting these nasty situations in front of us until we learn not to run away.

If I haven’t convinced you and you still want to run away then start jogging.

You are stronger than you think.

Thoughtful Thursdays #23


July 4th, 2013

Today is the 237th day of Independence of the United States. The greatness of this country is one of hard work and persistence. This country is based on the freedom to be who you are and work as you wish. Yes the US is not perfect but neither is anything in this wonderful world we live in. There is constant change and challenges in governments and humankind. And that is the way it’s supposed to be.

You are free to be happy, to be who you want to be, it is not too late to change.
You are free to move around, turn things upside down, inside out and sideways.
You are free to made a plan, take a stand, hold a hand and swing.

So in celebration of US independence let’s join the party and feel free to dance to our own personal freedom.

Happy Independence.