Monthly Archives: May 2020

Thoughtful Thursday #301 – Taking Advantage


I have some concerns about how stores and others are treating the public since Coved 19 showed up.

  1. Grocery stores have no sales, they are selling all items at full price.
  2. Companies are providing the necessities, it is people who are hoarding.
  3. Commercials on TV and politicians saying how we are all in this together and trying to fan our egos. We are not all in this together when you get sick.
  4. Shaming the public to wear masks etc. I am not against wearing masks but i do resent being shamed for not wearing one.

I am recovering from Covid and don’t appreciate the sanctimonious platitudes that are said with smiles with knives in your back taking your money, lieing, and shaming.





Thoughtful Thursday #302 – 40,000 Things I Still Want To Do



The Forty Thousand Things I Still Want To Do

  1. Travel around the world by boat.
  2. Read the 20 books I have collecting dust.
  3. Give a TED speech on mental health.
  4. Write 40 mini self-help books.
  5. Exhibit my paintings in 15 galleries and the MOMA.
  6. Own a miniature sheep, miniature donkey, miniature goat.
  7. Own 2 dogs and four more cats.
  8. Commit to better physical health.
  9. Sew two fabric journals.
  10. Learn to line draw.
  11. Learn to self-publish.
  12. Learn to be brave.
  13. Live in a house.
  14. Buy an American made passenger truck.
  15. Open a YouTube channel.
  16. Organize my overflowing possessions.
  17. Leave a legacy
  18. Find a gargoyle as an urn for my ashes.
  19. Meet 6 famous writers, haven’t decide on whom yet.
  20. Make 39,980 new friends.

That should keep me busy for a while.


Thoughtful Thursday #300 – Unexpected Bad News


My Facebook friend and sweet spiritual brother who I have known for many years suddenly passed away. At this moment there is no other information.

I am shocked and in disbelief, he is a friend who I talk to regularly however I didn’t realize how much he meant to me until suddenly losing him.

Unexpected bad news is shocking and numbing, I am sliding between both. At times like this there is no way to focus and be proactive on any level.

I will just sit with this sadness for as long as it takes until I feel better.