Monthly Archives: January 2012



It occurred to me today that we waste too much time dealing with other peoples stuff. What I mean by stuff is other peoples power plays and attitudes. At times there will be several people who are at you for their own reasons and those reasons are hidden from view so they can’t be read. That’s stinky stuff. The hidden incognito stuff that you can feel but is disguised by some attitude or power play. For example, someone in your office decides you are not doing your job good enough (because their hidden agenda is jealousy) so this person rouses the powers that be and you are under the microscope. How should you respond? Respond with the facts, keep your cool and stick to your own stuff. Don’t be dragged into the drama. It’s hard to do but as we live day to day there are plenty of chances to practice.

You can do it. Don’t give up. And remember, as the saying goes, if someone is trying to drag you down, know that you are already above them.

The Holidays are over.


As much as I like the holidays I am always glad they are over. Too much work, stress and not enough resting. Now it’s back to a regular routine, work, bills and still no rest.

I am not a goal person. I just do what needs to be done and change what needs to be changed. So in the spirit of the new year it’s time for me to re-evaluate what needs to be changed and then just do it.

Happy New Year