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Thoughtful Thursdays # 100 – 100 Positive Words for You


You’re the best. You are great. Believe in yourself. There is always a way to figure things out. You are not helpless or hopeless.

You are smart and grounded.  You are protected. You are cared for. You  are lucky. Anything  is possible. You are growing all the time.

Don’t force anything just keep moving. You are a winner.  What someone else believes about you is none of your  business. Focus on your own life. Use your talents and  skills  to improve your  own life.

Challenges will come and  you  will get  through them.  You have  everything you need to  succeed.


Thoughtful Thursdays #23


July 4th, 2013

Today is the 237th day of Independence of the United States. The greatness of this country is one of hard work and persistence. This country is based on the freedom to be who you are and work as you wish. Yes the US is not perfect but neither is anything in this wonderful world we live in. There is constant change and challenges in governments and humankind. And that is the way it’s supposed to be.

You are free to be happy, to be who you want to be, it is not too late to change.
You are free to move around, turn things upside down, inside out and sideways.
You are free to made a plan, take a stand, hold a hand and swing.

So in celebration of US independence let’s join the party and feel free to dance to our own personal freedom.

Happy Independence.