Daily Archives: September 26, 2013

Affirmations #18 Inner Child


The child in me is very much alive. It is a happy, joyous and fun loving child.

I have forgotten the sad past. I live in the happy present and a still happier future awaits me.

The child in me and I are one. We love each other, care for each other, appreciate each other and will always belong to each other.


Sometimes it’s painful dealing with our inner child but it’s a very important part of us. Write each one 10 times, say them many times during the day especially in the morning and bedtime, and in the mirror.

Thoughtful Thursdays #34 Failure


Even though no one wants to lose, failure is not such a bad thing.

Guess what: if you take a risk and win you will feel terrific. If you lose you will be all the more knowledgeable for the next risk.

So next time you are undecided in whether to risk or not, do it, take the risk, you will survive for the better.

Happy risking.