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We Are One


we are one,

all part of one another.

if one part suffers and feels pain then

we also suffer and feel pain.

we are one.

Shi Wuling

Thoughtful Thursdays # 78 Compassion


Inspired by the book: The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying” I was reading about Tonglen Meditation. It is mostly about compassion.

Compassion is one of my favorite subjects. How do we have compassion? How is it beneficial?

1. Remember a time when you felt deep love, just remember the feeling. Or read something that invokes the feeling. Stay with it and extend it to yourself, environment, friends, loved ones and even your enemies.
2. Remember that others are the same as you are. We all want happiness and be free from suffering.
3. Put yourself in the other persons place. We all bleed suffering the same way.
4. Actions speak louder than words. If it is possible try to help others in a practical way.

All beings everywhere suffer, let your heart go out them. Compassion is greater that pity. Honor those who suffer.

You are no better or greater than anyone else. Dedicate your positive actions for the welfare of others.

It will benefit all beings and return to you ten fold.

Thoughtful Thursdays #74 On Being A Bully


Being a bully shows great weakness. It is weak to lose control of your temper. It shows you are afraid of something. Something life threatening. The causes of being a bully are many, loss of control, self esteen, personal pain, trauma.

Many times being a bully is the only form of control one thinks because outside events are uncontrolable. By continuing to be a bully there is the possibility of being so far from your feelings that giving suffering becomes enjoyable. Hence, becoming a psychopath.

Think, think, think about what you are doing. What are you so unhappy about? You are not helpless to change for the better.

Use your anger to barrel through the things that are not working and making you unhappy. Be a bully to change yourself for the better, to put up boundaries, commit to self  improve. It is your right to do so. It is your strength to do so.

Be a bully to take right actions.

To win the internal battle and vicious cycle of violence I offer a guaranteed way of progress.







You move totally away

from reality

when you believe that there is

a legitimate reason

to suffer.

Byron Katie – Loving What Is

Thoughtful Thursday #43 Thanksgiving


In the spirit of Thanksgiving I have made a list of things I am thankful for and below that is a gift to you:

I am thankful for:

My kids
My dog and four cats
My problems
My life
My creativity
All the people I know, the good and the bad
My computer
My car
My spirituality
My success and failures

My Gift To You:

I wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity
I wish for your suffering to end immediately
I wish you every benefit that life can give you
I wish you tremendous love
And if that is not enough
I wish you a forever understanding of your self.

Happy Thanksgiving



I can’t believe I haven’t written since August. Well that won’t happen again. I guess I was suffering from depression and negativity. I must apologize to anyone who reads my blog.

I will not bore you with the details of the last few months but on a cyclical scale August is the worst month for me. September slowly starts the yearly cycle again and October is usually fantastic. I wonder if anyone else has special time of year when everything goes really well and productive and a time when everything goes wrong.

I did work on my art portfolio all of August. I actually wanted to do that for years and I finally did it. I will post my artwork either on this blog or I will open a website soon.

My computer died a few weeks ago and I have to save some money to buy a new one. In the meantime I’ll use whatever computer is available.

Thanks for your patience.

Update: my art blog is:georgialynndesigns.wordpress.com