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Thoughtful Thursdays # 71 – Carolyn Myss


Always go with the choice

that acares you the most,

because that’s the one that is going to require

the most of you.

Carolyn Myss

How many times have you slinked away from change or obstacle? How many times have you taken the easy way? How many times have you let opportunities for growing just slip away because you were scared?

Welcome to the club. Everyone does this and after a while it becomes a way of life.

Now is the time to think about your behavior and why you do the things you do. Why do I react the way I do. What lies do I believe about myself. What are my strengths, what are my less than stellar behaviors.

I know it feels overwhelming but one tiny, tiny step in looking at what you are doing with bring startling insights.

Go ahead try it. It will feel strange at first. Practice, practice, practice.

Short Story Saturday #1 The Future


I am starting a series of very short stories with a positive theme. Please enjoy and your comments are always welcome.

Once upon a time, just a week ago I found a winding road. Since I have nothing else to do I walked on it. The beginning of the path was easy; there were no bushes or rocks to trip on, just smooth dirt. Confident I could continue unencumbered I trekked on.

As I walked the light became a little less so I had to adjust my eyes to the the light. I tripped on an upturned tree root and fell on my knees. Ouch that really hurt. I got up and brushed myself off. I wasn’t bleeding anywhere so I continued. The trees became thick with only trickles of light. I hobbled carefully on the road that was becoming increasingly unpredictable. Boulders, vines, downed trees and unrecognizable sounds were invoking fear and uncertainty in me. Why did I walk down this path in the first place? I can’t turn back because the way is no longer clear. I must go forward.

It occurred to me this is the road to my future. Each obstacle is just a teacher on this path. I must learn to be unattached to the outcome of each obstacle.

Lightened from the burden of fear I walked on and went over, under, around or through each obstacle laid in front of me. It didn’t take long to find the end of the winding road.

There is was, exactly what I was looking for, my future in my own way.

Thoughtful Thursdays #24


I realized that I have no enemies, only teachers. Each perceived enemy, obstacle and unnerving situation is a growth spurt in the timeline of my life. Each seeming bad person, organization or situation is really the wonderful opportunity to participate in having things fall apart right in front of me and participating in pulling them back together again.

We do ourselves a great injustice by not looking at uneasy situations as a teaching. By looking at it as a teaching we will not run away or look for an escape. Instead we can be objective, be in the moment and in an instant the situation comes into perspective and passes in its own time.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with things that are not working:

1. Stop your mind from racing
2. Be objective
3. Don’t look for an escape
4. Even if you are terrified stay in the moment
5. Respect yourself by having the courage to be still
6. Notice your feelings and thoughts but don’t react to them
7. Finally, just let go

Most of the time our days ordinary. On those days we can practice doing the things that make us happy inside of us not outside of us.

Know that everyday is a chance to change, to make choices, and move into a position of personal strength. So when bad things happen you won’t be so derailed. Learning to be calm in the face of adversity takes time. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away. Life will always help you by putting these nasty situations in front of us until we learn not to run away.

If I haven’t convinced you and you still want to run away then start jogging.

You are stronger than you think.