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Searching for our DNA


There is something in our DNA that has us gravitate toward certain people.

It goes something like this:

orange me, red me

talk to me, bleed me,

the blood in my veins flows into yours

like a river,

with no pain,

dancing lovely down stream.

samba with me, be with me,

we are healed already

in our DNA.

we belong to each other

without possession.

melt with me, work with me,

take me to other realms

outside of normal

there is no normal

ground me, electrify me

stay with me

connect with me,

hear me, see me,

begin with me, end as us


 Connections between people happen on many levels. Some levels are obvious some are hidden. If you can just stay aware and awake long enough. You will find the reason. And grow from there.

Happy Searching.

High Speed


When you really know in your gut, DNA, heart and mind what your path is, your life will kick into high speed. So will your challenges. How do you know you are moving forward in the right direction? By the intensity of your focus.

There will be distractions but they will be momentary and brief allowing you to refocus quickly.

How magnificent is that!

Happy Creating.