Meditation as a Healing Tool


There are tons of videos, advice columns, gurus, spiritual healers, philosophical beliefs, religions and venues that have their own way of teaching meditation. Some groups have quiet rooms, some have mellow music, some chant, some sit, walk  for 10 minutes or an hour or a day. Some charge money (if they do then don’t go there) some are free (that’s the right one). There are just too many to go over.

I believe that you have to find the right one that resonates with you. If at anytime you don’t feel quite right with the meditation group, then leave. The idea here is to find a place that is peaceful, free of distractions, comfortable and safe even if it is a candle and low light at your kitchen table.

Here are some guidelines for meditation practice.

  1. get still, in the beginning you won’t be able to sit still for too long, your mind will wander.
  2. don’t give up, the more you practice sitting still the easier it becomes.
  3. let your thoughts come and go like waves on the ocean.
  4. if you fall asleep, you need more sleep.
  5. you are aiming for being alert and relaxed.
  6. use soft music or a candle to focus on if you need it.
  7. keep trying to meditate on a regular basis.
  8. try to keep your eyes open, I know not everyone does this but I think it helps with focus.

If you go with a group then find one that is focused on meditation.

FYI-I had panic attacks for over thirty years and I tried everything to get better, nothing worked until I did meditation. Why did it work? Because I stuck with practicing meditation and quite naturally and organically I was gradually healed.

Meditation is not a quick fix for anxiety or any other mental health issue. It is a long-term permanent fix, just keep trying and it will work in your favor in the long run.


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