Daily Archives: May 5, 2018

Feelings – Darn It


Those gosh darn feelings can be so annoying. They are looming up to get my attention and I will do almost anything to chase them away. But those pesky feelings keep chasing me.

I use busyness, procrastination, eating, TV and any distraction to keep those uncomfortable feelings of anger, grief, sadness and past memories that need to be processed just under the surface of my awareness.

Hold on one minute. Bashing feelings are not the best way for me to check in with my inner life.

As hard as it is I must be willing to sit quietly and let the feelings come up like waves rising up and crashing on the shore. Let these feelings come in to focus and let them go. Create a tiny space for opening up to my inner life.

This commitment to quiet time creates trust between me and my inner world that I can examine my feelings without judgement and in a very gentle and natural way I can heal.