Thoughtful Thursdays #26


I ran across the mention of a Tibetan yogini by the name of Machig Labdron. She lived in Tibet from 1055 CE to 1149 CE.  You can Google her is you want to know more about her fascinating life. She is known for the following 5 sayings. To practice all of them covers just about every aspect of negativity that holds you back. If you practice them you will become brave and confident. Guaranteed.

 1. Confess your hidden thoughts.  (This is not the same as confessing to a priest. It is acknowledging what is bothering you. You can write or tell someone, it’s up to you).

2.Approach what you find repulsive.  (For example, you see a dirty, homeless person and you are repulsed. Try looking at that person instead of ignoring them)

3.Help those you think you cannot help. (For example, speaking to someone who can’t help himself or herself like a struggling addict).

4.Anything you are attached to, give it back. (This means, instead of being so attached to something that it obstructs your life, let it go and trust that if its meant to stay it will).

5.Go to places that scare you. (That job interview, new places, eating alone in a restaurant, speaking up, the cemetery or any place that creeps you out. Not unsafe situations).

 This practice is easier said than done most of the time. Because life has a way of keeping certain issues in front of you time and time again. Those issues will stay there until you face them. These sayings or method of eliminating stressful issues will work if you try them.

 Happy hunting down those pesky stubborn issues that won’t go away and dissolving them.

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