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Thoughtful Thursday #233 – The Common Denominator


Shortly after any horrific shooting it is common that politicians and rallies to hop on the bandwagon to complain that the common denominator is  guns. Take away guns and there will be no more shootings.

That is not true, I can’t understand why ninety-nine percent of the public don’t mention that the common denominator is mental health. Normal people don’t go around shooting people, nor do they commit crimes. Most people are living their lives as best they can with families and jobs and everyday ups and downs.

There must have been red flags all along with these perpetrators. But what can the average person do about it.

How about starting to keep notes about what is seen and heard. If anything happens at least there will be some log to back up much-needed treatment. Anonymously report suspicious activity to the authorities. Do take any precautions to keep yourself safe.

The mentally ill cannot be forced into treatment but they can get help especially if they repeatedly violate the law, have chronic homelessness, aggressiveness and so on and you can be part of helping them. Look up Laura’s Law and Kendra’s Law.

Mental illness runs in my family. There were very little services available those many years ago and as a result there was so much violence and dysfunction and damage emotionally, financially and physically.

We live in wonderful times where finding information and services for mental health issues are readily available. If you or someone you know has mental health issues or need services, get on the internet and search for information talk to your doctor. Keep searching for the services you need. There is no reason to live in the dark, disturbing world of mental illness.


Thoughtful Thursdays #23


July 4th, 2013

Today is the 237th day of Independence of the United States. The greatness of this country is one of hard work and persistence. This country is based on the freedom to be who you are and work as you wish. Yes the US is not perfect but neither is anything in this wonderful world we live in. There is constant change and challenges in governments and humankind. And that is the way it’s supposed to be.

You are free to be happy, to be who you want to be, it is not too late to change.
You are free to move around, turn things upside down, inside out and sideways.
You are free to made a plan, take a stand, hold a hand and swing.

So in celebration of US independence let’s join the party and feel free to dance to our own personal freedom.

Happy Independence.