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Thoughtful Thursdays #31


As some of you know I have a very big dog. His name is Rocky and he is 133 pounds. This past Sunday night we were at the dog park. There were many dogs there including one that my dog occasionally plays with. The other dog (who is almost as big as mine) likes to dominate my dog. They end up playfully defending themselves until the other dog decided that he had enough and lopped off a quarter size piece of his right ear. Blood was streaming everywhere and I alerted the other dog owner. Initially they were apologetic and offer5ed to pay the vet. Then they wanted me to pay half. The husband and wife owners of this dog at this point started to get nasty and accused my dog of first starting a fight. They knew full well that their dog was the culprit. I threatened them by saying I would report their dog to animal control.

Since it was late on a Sunday we had to find an emergency vet. We found one and the other dog owners said they would pay the entire vet bill. They did not come with me to the vet and when the vet called for payment they refused to pay the sedative portion of the bill. They ended up paying $400 of the vet and I paid $146. These people were conniving, took advantage of me and are irresponsible dog owners.

Part of me wants to get even, the other part of me wants peace. I doubt it they will come to the part again if they see me and my dog there. I could call animal control and make a complaint or I could just let it go.
I have decided to let it go. Getting even is a useless attempt at trying to control the happiness or unhappiness of others and an attempt to relieve my frustration and anger.

I have the right to my frustration and anger. However, I have decided to leave it alone. because just knowing and believing “what goes around comes around” is enough for me. I believe if I act against them it will come back to me and I know their lying will come back to them.

My dog was well taken care of at the vet and very healthy in spite of losing part of his ear. He now has an interesting battle would, a conversation piece and I can go on with a clean conscious.

Can’t wait to get back to the park.

Bit By a Dog


I have a wonderful dog. My dogs name is Rocky. He is 130 lbs and is a mixed breed of Lab and Rottie. He is smart and strong and loveable.

On Sunday in the early evening we were at the dog park. Since it was so hot my dog was sitting and relaxing. A lady came in with a pit and a shar pei. She stood in front of my dog and took the leash off her shar pei. For whatever reason the shar pei attacked my dog. Rocky was taken by surprise and got up to defend himself. In the meantime she was trying to get her dog under control and I was trying to get my dog under control. As I reached for my dog her dog swooped in to bite my dog but my hand was in the way. Instead he bit me. It hurt. I told her the shar pei bit me and she was genuinely concerned. She said if I needed anything she would pay for it. I was so impressed by her show of responsibility.

I washed off the bite, Rocky was fine and I was the only casualty. On Monday morning I went to the doctors. She said I did not need antibiotics because it was not infected. The pain was a result of the bruising from the bite and I consider myself very lucky it was not worse.

From this event I am reminded how powerful dogs are and how important it is to respect them and be cautious. My dog is so strong that I have to always were sneakers to support my balance. I have fallen many times because he will run after a cat or bird and I am no match for him when he runs. One time I fell and broke a rib. So for a long time now I just put him in the car and drive a mile to the dog park to avoid this kind of problem.

Rocky is a very good boy but he is still a powerful animal. His job is to be a guard dog and is very protective. He knows his job and does it well.

I have no bad feelings toward the dogs or the owner because that’s the risk of owning any dog. Even a little one can do damage.

So I leave you with this: Dogs are super creatures.
They are loyal, kiss a lot, like a child and need us as much as we need them. Great protectors, teach us the cycle of life and great conversation pieces. Are a lot of work but worth it.

Give a your dog a hug today, if you don’t have a dog, hug someones dog, but ask first.