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Doug Does Life

The unknown is a scary place. We build it up in our imagination, telling ourselves that we’ll fail, we’ll look stupid, or we won’t know what to do. Basically, the unknown is a giant bogeyman upon which our inner critic can project our fears.

Doing something new, or even the thought of it, often paralyzes those faced with action. Many people are stuck in unhappy lives because they choose the known over the unknown…

No one likes to feel like the newbie. It’s uncomfortable being in new surroundings. Life is much easier when no thought is involved, and coasting is the way to go. It’s easier, but not usually rewarding. To grow personally, the unknown must be faced, and become the known. Only by plunging in, dealing with the discomfort and learning something new can we keep progressing on the path to contentment in life and work.

Pride often keeps…

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  1. A great choice in re-posting from Doug Does Life. I for the majority of my life have suffered from self-limiting beliefs that truly handicapped me until I made a shift in mindset. John from DDL has been a refreshing and powerful positive influence in my forward progress as I am finding with your writing as well. Thank you for sharing.


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