Thoughful Thursdays #34 Dis/comfort


Our minds are hardwired to seek comfort so there is a constant battle within us to reach out and extend ourselves or curl on a couch and watch a movie.

There is a place for comfort especially if we need to rejuvenate.

But it’s just as important to stretch into being uncomfortable. It’s actually the only way to grow. Just reading books or watching movies is the intellectual approach to a subject. But risking a new experience is what builds us out to be grater human beings. New experiences are the hands on approach to growing. With new experiences the world. For example, if you volunteer at a hospital you will look at illness in a new way. Visit the museum: look at the way previous civilizations lived. There are many similarities ad differences by looking at the past.

Here’s something to try: make a vow to yourself that one time a week for one hear you will try something, new preferably something that makes you uncomfortable.

If a year is too much try for one month.

OK I’m not trying to make this easy for you. You have to make a little effort.

If you try you will be amazed at how you will grow, mature and be a good example for others to follow.

Happy Hunting for new stuff to do.

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