Thoughtful Thursdays #32 Change


What does it take to change? Your mind that is. Why is it so hard to change your Mind? There are tons of information on the internet and in books on the subject. And it’s one of the questions that has literally plagued mankind for centuries.

Change is hard. Sometimes.

The simple answers is we are hard wired to stay safe, be obedient and compliant because societies need this type of cooperation in order to survive It is also much easier to go with the crowd because it is truly nerve wracking to be who you truly are. There is nothing wrong with staying safe but it’s a hindrance to personal growth.

There is a nagging voice in us that says what is really important for our growth. Most of the time the voice is really quiet so we miss it. But it is always there. Our loud mouth egos are always yelling at us for some reason or another. The loud ego flits from one thing to another. Whatever is holding its interest is the mode of the moment. When we listen to the ego and we get into trouble is the moment we can step back and listen once more to the quiet voice.

Here is where effective change can take place. its not easy to change and changing always involves small steps. Sometimes there are moments of sweeping change but this is rare. In the small steps is where we make the most progress.

Try this, instead of listening to the loud chatter, Tell it to stop and replace the chatter with positive thought.

For example, a sneaky little negative thought popped into your head and you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Don’t fret.

Don’t listen to it. Replace the negative thought with a positive one. It won’t work the first few times but repeat a positive thought again and again. Eventually your mind will cooperate with you and your life will change for the better.

Happy changing.

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