10 Wishes


Wishes may seem frivolous and childish but I tend to disagree.

Here’s why. Wishes are meaningful to the one making the wish. The wish could be for something good or something bad. They may happen or may not. I think that the good wishes have a really good chance of coming true especially if you send the wish to someone else. And thank our lucky stars that the last time you wished someone dead it didn’t happen.

So here are my 10 Wishes for you:

I wish you clarity of mind so you know clearly what you want.

I wish you good fortune so you can help yourself and others.

I wish you acceptance in your universe so you can accept others.

I wish you peace of mind for the next time you are challenged.

I wish your deepest desire to come true and I don’t mean money.

I wish you friendship and kindness so you can be a friend and kind.

I wish you a virtuous life so you can be a good example.

I wish you knowledge of yourself so you can understand others.

I wish you connection to others so others can connect with you.

I wish you open doors so you can open them to others.

Funny thing about wishes. When you send them out with goodness they will come true.

What are your 10 wishes?

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