Thoughtful Thursdays #4


“Take sorrow from no one and give sorrow to no one.”

I met a young woman recently that does not like hanging around with women.  How true. Women can be catty, judgmental and down right untrustworthy. How sad for us.

Here’s the secret to why women behave that way. Because that’s how they compete. When a woman, could even be your mother, puts another woman down she is just plain insecure and probably threatened because she is a very unhappy person. Any put down from another woman is a reflection on her not on the victim.  Is this behavior learned or are women generally beastly? I suspect it is more learned than biological.

Here is your mantra for today. “Take sorrow from no one and give sorrow to no one”.  The next time a woman has a put down for you take it as a compliment. She’s saying, “I want to be just like you”. Put your head up and be proud that you have that much power over someone else and your environment. Don’t absorb anything negative from anyone no matter who it is. Step back and observe the reaction of the other person when you don’t react. The junk they spit out on you just went back to them. Bravo for you.

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