Thoughtful Thursdays #3


Thoughtful Thursdays #3

Think about all the strange actions you have committed and have no explanation for. Why did I over react to a particular situation? Why did I risk embarrassing my self? Why did I lose my confidence? Why did I mouth off?

Because most actions we do as humans is below our consciousness. Really the only way to circumvent these actions is to pay attention to what your behavior is. It is enlightening to know your true motives. But with that knowledge you have the power to change.

Change is the hard part. However, in some cases it is so obvious what needs to be changed that doing so is easy. When change is hard it indicates a number of things, Perhaps your not willing to change the situation at the moment. Maybe you don’t know how. Maybe your are afraid, complacent, naïve, oblivious, sadistic, masochistic, don’t really care, happy being unhappy, don’t know any better, etc, etc, etc.

Ask yourself
Is THAT The Best You Can DO?

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