Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays


Here’s the first post for my new series “Thoughtful Thursdays”. These posts will be some of my rants and thoughts and insights. Read well and enjoy.

Resistance is invisible most of the time. Invisible in the sense that resistance is not obvious. It comes in the disguise of lethargy, thinking negative, giving up, amnesia, distraction, illness. Why does resistance exist? I’ve read it’s our lizard brain. That’s the part that wants to be safe all the time. So it negates and sabotages all effort to change. From my own experience, for most of my life I didn’t recognize resistance.

As I aged I recognized my own resistance abundantly and realize where I let resistance win. It’s hard to not be overwhelmed by the missed opportunities and lack thereof.  But all is not lost. I have come up with a formula. Resist resistance cold turkey. Just the way I stopped smoking. No more pussy footin’ around. Yes it’s time to change. Yes this is going to be a monumental effort and now is the best time. That lizard brain will learn a new set of standards and rules. Mine.

Determination is the key to action and action changes everything. So the next time I feel resistance, I will move into an action, any action and change will happen for the best.

Read Steven Pressfield’s Book”The War of Art”