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Relationships are wild creatures. Like attracts like, opposites attract opposites. There is the sea of change and fortune that are the vicissitudes of relations.

Relationships are wild creatures. Some relationships are warm, hot, cold – bring you up or bring you down – all relationships are to teach you about you. Some information you want to receive, with other information you become repelled by your own less than stellar responses.

Relationships are wild creatures. Your deepest desires are revealed when interacting and negotiating with another. We become enthusiastic, sometimes going forward sometimes going backwards we find what we need or hide indefinitely. Don’t hide. Come out. We show the world only a small part of who we are. Move forward toward your happiness. Stop holding back.

Relationships are wild creatures. Incognito, invisible to your own mind. A relationship with yourself is also hidden from view. We can only see the truth when we are calm.

Relationships are wild creatures. Ever evolving like the miracle of evolution we become what is necessary to our emotional survival. Ever thinking and changing who we are as we grow. Sometimes losing, sometimes winning and always moving forward. We have no choice. We must move here and there and dance with others. There is no other way. To isolate is suicide. To retreat is suicide. We must move ahead again and again.

Relationships are wild creatures. They have many faces. In some we look for our own needs to be met. In other relationships, we are satisfying others needs. The time we take to cultivate relations with ourselves and others is necessary for happiness. Without time, honesty, truth and the willingness to allow ourselves and others to reveal who they really are in safety is paramount to any lasting relationship. Without – then the relationship will die from lack of interest.

As all wild creatures they need nourishment. Fresh green thoughts, pink truths, yellow peace, silver moving water of change, bright red sun of burning away negative thoughts, blue cooling healing positive hugs. Simple, open ways of letting the world into your heart. True acceptance of the moment. Acceptance of ourselves and others unconditionally, warts and all is important.

What is your wild creature like? Physical, spiritual, nurturing, accepting, loving, caring, trusting, painful, cryptic, forthcoming, transparent, unacceptable, revolting, funny, a lie, clever, settling, safe. What color is it? What does it taste, smell, look like? Can you hear the innuendos? Is it’s touch like velvet or cactus?

You decide what your wild creature is. No one else. These creatures are inside of you birthing every day. You just have to remember you are birthing these wild creatures. It’s best to keep them wild and closest to their true nature.

Today is your Happy Wild Creature Day. Hurry we are all waiting for you.

g. piazza

Speaking the Truth


Truth can mean different things to different people. In this writing I am referring to my observations of those who have uncertain, unspoken, hidden agendas. Most people do not tell the truth about how they feel or what their real motives are. It is not easy to put yourself out there and speak what you believe is the truth because it is uncomfortable. You may be criticized or rejected or laughed at and not taken seriously, perhaps make you unpopular. First of all you have nothing to prove to anyone. What you believe is the truth for you remains there. Then you can act accordingly. It is easy to slip back into denial or to what is comfortable but the truth will stay obvious until it is expressed. The good thing about truth is it will make any situation transparent. Once the truth is known a shift happens. Right, wrong or indifferent something will change and even though it will seem strange or uncomfortable the change will be for the better.

Truth is a very good quality to have. Trust by its very nature forces you to inquire and find answers. Telling the truth will create a peaceful mind and those that are lucky to know you as someone who speaks the truth will trust you.

I meet many people who I know their words and actions are not in sync. Their words say one thing yet their actions do not match what they say. They do not speak the truth so they cannot be trusted. Why be interested in someone who cannot be trusted.

The bottom line is if you tell the truth to yourself first, you will always be able to trust yourself with no hidden agendas.

Speak the truth.