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Thoughtful Thursdays # 88 – Sit With It


I had a very interesting experience this week. I was extremely emotional. I had racing thoughts and crying outbursts. This experience was brought on by a series of events that tapped into my fears.

I remembered Pema Chodron’s suggestion. Sit with it. Sit with the feelings that are troubling you without picking up food, a drink, or any other distraction.

I did sit with the feelings and it hurt really bad. I wanted to run away, disappear, die, dive into a pie and surf the web, cry and throw up.

But I didn’t. The troubling feelings lasted about three days.

The fear I was feeling was from a past trauma. Each event reminiscent of the trauma flashed before my mind and it all made sense. All the times I ran away from feeling the fear, all the times I distracted my self, all the times I made excuses, basically to protect myself.

The fear left because I faced it. My feelings are still raw but the intensity of the fear on a scale of one to ten is a one.

Next time you are emotionally out of control, depressed, sad or troubled. Just sit with it. Don’t run away. Feel everything.

You will expand your understanding of how you operate. From understanding and knowledge about yourself changes your entire life for the better. That’s a guarantee.

Happy exploring.


A Better You



Is this really possible? How many times have you tried a new behavior only to dump it after a short time? There are few things in life that are so hard to do. But there is a way to be a better you, an easier way.


To be a better you just do loving acts of kindness and give good wishes. It’s simple, easy and makes an incredible difference in your relationships and life.


 Wherever you can silently send peace and good wishes to someone you interact with or your community, world, those who are suffering.  If there is a situation or person who is completely intolerable: remain neutral. Have no opinion. Be objective and send only peace. See the difference it makes. Acts of kindness and silent good wishes change the air, change the electrical current of events, it will cause good to come back to you. This is powerful stuff. Powerful, spiritual, tangible, rich, deep and eye raising. 


 So no need to stress how to force your self to be a better person because there is a simple and easy way to be a better you and have good things flow your way.


 Try it for a while and you will not give it up so easily.