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Thoughtful Thursday #278 – On Being Proud


When we feel proud our shoulders are erect, chest out, we walk without ego but with the sense of deep satisfaction and pleasure in our abilities and accomplishments. We feel grounded, balanced and strong.

What a wonderful way to live, unfortunately most of those moments are short lived.

How can we increase this ability to feel proud more often and on a regular basis?

All is not lost.

Make a list of every activity that makes you feel proud and accomplished. For example, finished your to do list, wrote in your diary, sang your favorite song, made time for your favorite hobby, made your mental health a priority for a while, talked compassionately to your inner self, ate well for one meal, made an effort to exercise, made an effort to be mindful of your actions, paid attention to what distracts you.

Make your own special list, your own original, signature, lifestyle list that belongs to you.

DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD, stick to it, don’t give up, involve yourself with those who share your interests, take baby steps, little tiny baby steps toward your own happiness, and be proud of your effort.

When involved with more and more activities that give you a deep sense of satisfaction something magical happens, something incognito and deceptively subtle happens.

Ever so slowly, you will become boldly self-assured, lack fear, be free from anxiety and know for certain you have chosen the right path of action for you.

Will any of this happen fast – not at all, this journey is about intimately discovering your talents, your dreams, your sore points, what you will tolerate and not tolerate.

You will learn about yourself so well that you will take actions toward creating your own-one of a kind – precious life. You are so worth it, and don’t you dare believe otherwise.

Carry on.


My Diary


I have been writing in my diary for more than a year. As soon as I get up I write a page or so. I looked over what I have written and it’s the same complaints and worries over and over. When I get up I am to grumpy and sleepy to write well or with clarity.

I have been wrestling with the prospect of writing sometime during the day. Not at night because I am too tired to write and will have the same complaints and worries.

This reminds me of changing habits and how hard it is to change. Even though I know what needs to be changed and the excellent results that will appear from these changes I still resist.

“This is nonsense”, I tell my self. “Stop acting this way”, I say. I beg myself to submit to change for the better. Still resisting I remember how fear never goes away and I should just do what I need to do.

Wow, I learn a lot about myself when I connect to myself. Yeah I’m making progress!!