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10 Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


We have all been involved with someone who has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. ‘

A co-worker, boss, significant other, relative, teacher etc. They are everywhere. Here are some of the traits of the disorder.


Acts superior


Over Dramatic







You can add to the list, however, these are some of the red flags.

Don’t be nice to these people, just walk away. You’ll be so much more at peace.



I don’t find it hard to hear my inner voice. I find it hard to follow its advice.

If I don’t listen then events go from mild irritation to full-blown chaos.

I can count many times there was chaos and for a very long time.

It is easier to ignore that inner voice than to follow its advice because I don’t want to make effort. Effort involves a commitment to action which leads to change. Change is scary and hard to do because of the uncertainty involved.

I find that when I do have the courage or stamina to follow its advice I win every time.

I guess practice makes perfect.

Happy listening.

Thoughful Thursdays #96 – Signals


We live such small lives compared to what we are capable of. We become complacent and stay in our comfort zone. We wish and long for other things we think are better for us but do nothing to change our lives.

There are signals that crop up from time to time ushering us to move in a certain direction. Focus on the signals, this is the easy way to change.

Signals come from a chance meeting, words in a book, something said, inspiration, serendipity, these are just a few signals,  Pay attention to the signals, they are there for you to act upon. You are being led and sent to your next destination.

You can be led willingly or kicking and screaming. It is up to you.

This destination may not be conventional. You may not understand it in the beginning.

Sometimes there is no logic, no reason, no guideposts as to where you are being led and that is OK.

This destination is only for you, no one else. Relax and enjoy the ride. You will arrive when its necessary.




Thoughtful Thursdays #93 Success


My definition of success is different from your definition of success.

Perhaps you want financial success, or health success or relationship success. What ever it is you want there is one truth that applies to all success.

You have to be willing to make effort in transformation.

Transforming your self means to change. Change is not easy. We naturally resist change even when it is good for us.

Success is guaranteed by steady transforming actions. Learning from each situation will slowly bring success. Taking risks will bring success.  Getting out of your comfort zone will bring success.

The willingness to hold your own hand in personal transformation will bring success. Looking negativity in the eye will bring success.

Define your idea of success and bring up what needs to be transformed.

Be the creature you want to be. Go ahead, it won’t hurt. A little scary maybe but what you become will out weight any fear you have been holding.

Happy transformation.



Thoughtful Thursdays #92 – Change


Change is one of my favorite subjects. Change is the only thing that is consistent in this earthly life.

Nothing is stagnant. Nature does not give up on surviving. It is just creative in how to survive. Look at those creepy bugs that have been around for millennia. Or a flower growing in the ground after a volcano.

We are the same way. In a moment your life can change for the better or worse. Our survival skills kick in here and if you are the first to respond with kindness to yourself and others change is easier to digest.

Change is not easy sometimes it comes in subtly at other times it is a roaring river or tornado. Either way if you are kind without attachment to the results change is easier to go along with.




Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Every now and then something comes into our lives to question everything we believe.

The ending of a relationship, loss of a job, falling in love, illness and you can add many more to the list.

Big changes are  really uncomforable emotionally and we want the pain to stop now, right now.

At times like these we can fall back into old patterns of denial, addictions, anger, self centeredness and running away.

We can hide behind religion, fake self righteous beliefs or hide behind anything outside of our unease. We can fight for things to stay the same.

As you are being pushed out of your comfort zone there is a message from the pain.

Everything changes,

We are not meant to stay stagnant.

We are meant to grow.

Hence the reason for the upset. Life is movement and changes all the time.

You are meant to be happy and grow. Life is designed for that. You have the freedom to do as you wish.

We all  have responsibilites and the problem of fitting in the world to feel safe. The truth is you have made choices that put you where you are.

You can choice differently. It won’t be easy but it will equip you with deep understanding of yourself.  In turn you will understand others and be a better human citizen. You will be put in your rightful place in your world.

Go ahead,

choose one small thing

and change it.

Your Very Own Super Powers


I bet you didn’t know that you have super powers.

You have the power to not let anything disturb you.

You have the power to go with the flow of life.

You have the power to see an obstacle as a stepping stone.

You have the power to discern what is true and what is false.

You have the power to walk away.

You have the power to create the life you want.

Go on and do what it takes to make a wonderful life.

You are a superhero.



There is a huge amount of uncertainty in living.

In a moment your life can change for better or worse.

Sometimes there are situations beyond our control.

Uncontrollable situations arise out of nowhere sending us into despair.

Even if the situation is painful,

space is being made for something better.

Space is being made for insight, intuition and understanding.

Go gently.

Align yourself with what is important to you.

You will find your way.



The places that scare you are not meant to hurt you.

Fear is meant to get your attention.

For example, worry and procrastination are forms of fear. Find a way to detach from the worry and procrastination. Detach emotionally, be an observer.

In that place you will find the lie that you are not good enough.

Don’t believe lies because they come from fear.

Face the fear and move in any direction that will help you be the person you are most happy to be.


Thoughtful Thursdays #91 Arguing With Yourself


Are you unhappy with what is happening at the moment or events that have happened in the past?

That is arguing with yourself.

Frustrated and overreacting with everyday dramas?

That is arguing with yourself.

Are you over thinking, feeling stuck and have racing thoughts?

That is arguing with yourself.

Worried, fearful, stinking thinking?

That is arguing with yourself.

The antidote:

Accept what is going on right now without judgement.

There really is nothing in your current circumstances

that can stop you from making the changes you need to make to be happy.

Stop arguing with yourself.