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I don’t find it hard to hear my inner voice. I find it hard to follow its advice.

If I don’t listen then events go from mild irritation to full-blown chaos.

I can count many times there was chaos and for a very long time.

It is easier to ignore that inner voice than to follow its advice because I don’t want to make effort. Effort involves a commitment to action which leads to change. Change is scary and hard to do because of the uncertainty involved.

I find that when I do have the courage or stamina to follow its advice I win every time.

I guess practice makes perfect.

Happy listening.

Thoughtful Thursdays #33 Listening


Most of the time we don’t listen to what is being said to us. All those good words are going to waste. I realized this when my daughter took issue with me about my dog. She said I am allowing him to get too heavy. The doctor wants him to lose about twenty pounds. As she spoke about my lack of concern for the dog she said something that made me listen. She said that when she speaks I don’t act on her advice and don’t take dog care seriously. What she was really saying was that I was not listening to her or taking her seriously.

It’s important that I listen to her because she is important to me. I don’t have to listen to anyone if I choose not to but those that are important know when I am not listening. And that hurts them.

This is the important lesson. Listen when those who love you say something because they are revealing their needs and concerns for themselves and you.

I’m listening Sam.

So keep those ears open and your dog on a diet.