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The Only Constant Is Change


Thoughtful Thursdays # 47 New Years Day 2014

The most powerful anchor on our potential to soar high in life is the past. The past contains the dead weight of experience, learned beliefs and all our mistakes. Life cannot truly begin until we are able to say goodbye to the legacies of yesterday at will. Like a filing cabinet, the past is a resource of information for learning, but it is not a place to live. When you go to work do you spend your day in the filing cabinet? How often will you/did you live in the past today? Say goodbye and make it final. Saying farewell to yesterday, last month and last year is the sign of a person who wants to live for today and is truly alive to all the possibilities of ‘the moment’, while fully aware that all they think, say and do right now, creates tomorrow.


Affirmation for the New Year.


I can make improvements in my life

I will make effort to change

I am able to take care of myself

Self control is my new friend

Self control is fun


from Me

Make 2014 your best year ever.

Happy New Year