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Thoughtful Thursdays – #194- In Between and Happy New Year


In between Christmas and New Years there is time to reflect on the year past.

In between January 1 and December 31 there is time to examine out beliefs.

In between today and tomorrow there is time to reverse a bad habit.

In between now and tomorrow there is time to make a new plan.

In between your two ears there is your brain to think.

In between you and me there is no difference.

In between like minded souls there is healing.

My heartfelt wish for you in 2018 is healing, peace and finding your heart’s desire.







Thoughtful Thursdays #147 – Happy New Year


Another year is gone and for most of us it has had many ups and downs. Next year will be full of resolving those ups and downs with endings and new beginnings. Don’t hold on to the past because you are afraid. It is so much easier to go with the flow. It will not be easy. It will be temporarily difficult. So……………………….

Happy New Year

To You and Yours




Thoughtful Thursdays # 80 – New Year Resolutions


I don’t do well with New Year Resolutions because I feel like I am being forced to do something just because every one else is. I was never one to follow the crowd.

These resolutions seem like a set up for beating yourself up if you don’t follow through on an empty promise you made to yourself.I don’t beat myself up and neither should you.

Instead expand on what has been working in your life and leave behind what does not work.

This is the time for year for new ideas, new feelings and new adventures.

Happy New Year 2015.

The Holidays are over.


As much as I like the holidays I am always glad they are over. Too much work, stress and not enough resting. Now it’s back to a regular routine, work, bills and still no rest.

I am not a goal person. I just do what needs to be done and change what needs to be changed. So in the spirit of the new year it’s time for me to re-evaluate what needs to be changed and then just do it.

Happy New Year