Thoughtful Thursdays # 37 Feelings


You will not break or die or disappear if you feel your feelings. There’s no need to run away or distract yourself with some substance or panic. Wait at minute. Just stop.

Feelings are scary. We don’t want to face them because we fear the depth of our magnificent selves. Deep in the well of our being is where the truth is.

That’s the reason you are feeling something. Your inner wisdom is telling you a truth. So why are you afraid?

Take a moment to just feel without judgement, without reacting, without running away. Let your feelings come out. Turn down the chatter in your mind, silence the inner critic that dishes out fear as if it were candy. The critic is not your friend when it comes to personal growth.

Your heart is calling you. Your feelings are calling you. You are a wonderful human being. Start acting the like it.

Don’t be so selfish. The world is waiting for your wonderfulness.

Go ahead love your self and others in your world. Say good things to yourself.

Give your self credit for getting as far as you have in this life. Your life may not have been perfect. So what if your life is not perfect. Welcome to the club because no one’s life is perfect.

Stop making the world wait for you. You are important.

Go ahead be happy, gorgeous, wonderful and a rock star.

Blessings to all.

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