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Thoughtful Thursdays #182 – Time and Weather


You can’t control time because it is always moving forward.

You can’t control the weather because mother nature does it’s own thing.

You can control what you do with your time.

And use an umbrella if it rains and stand in the shade if it’s too sunny.

Control what you can and leave the rest alone.

New York City Weather


Here in New York City we haven’t had much of a winter. Not that I am complaining because we have had our share of bad winters. I’m sure we will have more normal winters but this year the jet steam has favored us. I noticed that the little green buds are already out on the bushes, crocus are already blooming and the trees are shedding winter and the wind is blowing the old winter air away. The weekend we turn the clocks forward.

Spring is here again. Time for new beginnings and happy endings. It’s time to start something new. To begin anew one must start small. Really small and build upon that. Like walking a little extra to move those tired bones. Swing those arms to get the blood flowing. Don’t worry about looking foolish, in fact, others will follow your lead.

Have you ever noticed, as soon as the weather gets nice, tons of people are out. Walking, running, biking, dog walking, shopping, chatting, gardening, car washing, deeply breathing in and out.

So get outside and do outside stuff. Before it rains.

Happy Spring.



It’s too Damn Hot


It’s been over 100 degrees out and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. I hibernate in the summer like a bear hibernates in the winter. It’s too damn hot, too sticky, my dog is uncomfortable and it’s impossible to get cool.

But all is not lost. Before you know it this heat will pass and the Fall will be here again. I’m waiting for the Fall when the air is cool and the leaves are gold and red. Apple picking and pumpkin cutting and Halloween candy.

Wake me when the Fall is here.