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Thoughtful Thursdays #12


cI love the Fall. The air changes and the days are shorter. It’s cooler with a sprinkling of fading summer. The leaves are changing. This beautiful weather temporarily makes me forget the bills, the job, the lack of sleep and the running around.

It’s those small moments of being in nature that breaks up the whirling of my mind on secondary nonsense and is a reminder that feeling grounded and at peace are most important.

March on Fall. Colder and colder. Red, green, gold leaves falling and swirling in the wind bringing us closer to winter. Warm jackets, hot chocolate and soup. Crafting indoor happiness and wearing hats almost stolen by the wind. Soon to be barren trees and preparing for Christmas.

Remember the Fall as comfortable and lovely and arrives only once a year.
Absorb Fall and it will change you. Love the Fall and it will love you back.

Bye Bye I’m going back outside.

It’s too Damn Hot


It’s been over 100 degrees out and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. I hibernate in the summer like a bear hibernates in the winter. It’s too damn hot, too sticky, my dog is uncomfortable and it’s impossible to get cool.

But all is not lost. Before you know it this heat will pass and the Fall will be here again. I’m waiting for the Fall when the air is cool and the leaves are gold and red. Apple picking and pumpkin cutting and Halloween candy.

Wake me when the Fall is here.