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Here are a few questions for you to think about. Questions help you grow and at the very least examine why you make certain choices.

What if I had the opportunity to begin _______ again?

What if I started ending what I did not need anymore?

What if I told the truth to myself and others for a day?

What fear hold me back?

What choices can I change to bring more peace in my life?

Why am I resisting changing what I know has to be change?

Am I making decisions based on outdated beliefs?

Asking questions can be enlightening and uncomfortable but worth the effort. Take your time and write your answers down.

You may be surprised by your perspective.



Thoughtful Thursdays #48 Nobel Questions


Asking yourself questions that raise your vibrations is not new. It is a form of affirmation. Ask yourself a few of these questions and your will become more confident. As a result the Universe will open doors for you.

  • I wonder what miracles the Universe is going to bring me today?
  • In what ways can I bring more joy into someone’s life?
  • What step can I take right now that will open me to even greater abundance?
  • How can I feel even better than I do right now?
  • What new friends am I going to meet today?
  • In what ways can I make today even better then yesterday?

from: Freeaffirmations.org