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Mothers Day


This post is not for those who have wonderful relationships with their mom’s.

This post is for those who do not have a mothers love whether the mother is alive or dead.

This post is for those mother’s who have no contact with their children.

This post is for all who have suffering around their relationships with their mothers and being a mother.

I get what you are going through, I know how hard it is to get through this weekend. I know you have done the best you can and you are probably very tired and bewildered by the whole situation.

I want you to know that you deserve all the love and happiness in your universe and looking for that love is perfectly OK.

The only way, I have learned, to replace that love you are missing is to get to know yourself really well and  be your own parent. Those imperfect parents and children, including ourselves, are your chance to process and release the grief, sadness, trauma and pain over these relationships.

It is not easy to do this but if you just try you can come out on the other side so much more mentally happy and healthy.

Give it a try, you are worth it and you are stronger than you think.

Mother’s Day


Be Kind to her even if it’s for just today.
Hold your tongue say only good in your way.
Be Sweet to her even if it’s for just today.
Hold the door open for the queen of the day.
Today will be remembered by her and you.
Make it special so no one is blue.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and their families.
Have a great day.