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Thoughtful Thursday #257 – Limitations Are Not Real


Arguing for your limitations: it is so frustrating to hear someone insist that there is no way out of their uncomfortable situation, that they have no choices to choose from, that there trapped in a box and can’t get out.

To insist on believing that you are helpless is an argument in favor of you own self-imposed limitations. Stop doing that, you must stop creating your own traps, be curious about different ways of dealing with a situation, write your choices down and make them real, without distraction go inside of yourself and ask what you need to know, search for information that may be helpful in your quest.

If any of these suggestions make you cringe then friend I am here to tell you the truth of what is happening inside of you. It is fear, fear of change, not being good enough, not being worthy, retaliation for moving forward, the list goes on and on.

It is fear that causes one to argue for their limitations. Resistance is fear and resistance is the indicator that you must go towards what you fear because that is where your answers are.

You are never trapped, there is always an answer to your situation, and you are not helpless.

Will the change you so desperately crave be easy, nope it will not be easy. You will be required to put in effort to uncover what you need to change course and put yourself back on the road to your own happiness and continue creating a wonderful, miraculous life that you so rightly deserve.

Get started now, you are so worth it.



Affirmations #29 Limitations


I declare richness and fullness for my life.

I now choose to move away from the limiting beliefs that have been denying me the benefits I do desire.

I release all negative patterns that have contributed to fear of loss, being harmed, of poverty.

I release those negative patterns that have brought me pain, loneliness, self abuse, undeservingness and any other nonsense that may be lingering in some dark corner of my consciousness.

Louise Hay – Heart Thoughts

Limiting beliefs are usually hidden from our awareness. Write and say these affirmations and what you believe with come to the surface. Write each one 10 times say them many times during the day and at bedtime and in a mirror.