Thoughful thursdays #84 – Trust


What is trust?

It is the belief in the reliability and strength of someone or something. Honesty, dependability, assurance.

In a scale of 1 to 10 who or what do you believe to be reliable and strong.

 I had a medical procedure done this week and I was terrified because here I was among a bunch of strangers who were going to knock me out and poke and probe my unconcious body.

I don’t trust anyone that much. I voiced my concerns and these wonderful professionals proved their reliability and worthyness by talking to me and helping me sort out my own fears.

Thankfully all went well.

It can take a long time to trust and a short time to lose trust. It can take a short time to trust and a long time to lose trust. Because people are so complex it is easy to be confused about trust.

So what do you do?

Trust in yourself first.

In a calm way.

You are very strong.

Carry on!


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