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Fill In the Blank


I would __________________

if I had the chance.

From James Mottram/astig FM photo

This should be fun. Try to keep it clean.

The Superpowers We Wish We Had


Let's Reach Success

We all want to change certain things in our current lifestyle, and most of them are connected to the outer world.

Some want a better job, a bigger income, to start their own business, to have great relationships, to exercise more. Others seek more fun, better social skills, material stuff or else.

And if we start working on getting these things, we will eventually understand that the changes we need to make are inside of us. Because our bad habits prevent us from moving forward, the lack of certain qualities doesn’t let us achieve our goals and our own limitations are what stops us from living the life we are meant to.

For that matter we need to build some super qualities. They are like superpowers because we are not born with them and very few have them.

The Superpowers We Wish We Had, Let's Reach Success By Helgi Halldórsson @Flickr

It takes a lot of work to get…

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