Here’s a post from Seth Godin.

Here he explains the influence of negative people in your life and how to handle them.

Seth always had timeless advice. Pleasssse read.

The care and feeding (and shunning) of vampires.

Vampires, of course, feed on something that we desperately need but also can’t imagine being a source of food.

You have metaphorical vampires in your life. These are people that feed on negativity, on shooting down ideas and most of all, on extinguishing your desire to make things better.

Why would someone do that? Why would they rush to respond to a heartfelt and generous blog post with a snide comment about a typo in the third line? Why would they go out of their way to fold their arms, make a grimace and destroy any hope you had for changing the status quo?

Vampires cannot be cured. They cannot be taught, they cannot learn the error of their ways. Most of all, vampires will never understand how much damage they’re doing to you and your work. Pity the vampires, they are doomed to this life.

Your garlic is simple: shun them. Delete their email, turn off comments, don’t read your one-star reviews. Don’t attend meetings where they show up. Don’t buy into the false expectation that in an organizational democracy, every voice matters. Every voice doesn’t matter–only the voices that move your idea forward, that make it better, that make you better, that make it more likely you will ship work that benefits your tribe.

It’s so tempting to evangelize to the vampires, to prove them wrong, to help them see how destructive they are. This is food for them, merely encouragement.

Shun the ones who feed on your failures.

Posted by Seth Godin on December 16, 2013

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  1. Seth Godin is someone I came across learning about the rise and trend in entrepreneurship. However, I quickly came to find that Godin is a philosopher whether it is intentional or not. He offers thought provoking content (trendy buzz-word) that resonates so well with a wide range of people, clearly myself included.
    Negative people have been weeded out in all parts of my life as they truly inhibit personal development for me. Constructive criticism is one thing but wanton negativity is entirely another. I have chosen a more positive path in life.
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Dear Glenn,

      Thanks for reading my blog. You should be very proud of yourself. Recovery is not easy and you are an inspiration. I am glad you are making the effort to improve your life. I recommend you read any Louise Hay books if you have not done so yet. They are great for personal improvement.

      Seth Godin is so insightful. I am truly grateful for his input and this post was so true especially in my life.

      Best regards and keep up the good work,


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