Thoughtful Thursdays # 13


Hey Gang.

Yes it’s been a while since Thoughtful Thursdays was posted. Today’s post is about the Queensborough Public Library

I have loved the library since I was little. Every week since forever ( since I was little) I have taken out library books. Even today I took out books. This is my own public plug for all libraries.  Where can you get books Like Seth Godin’s enormous collection of business books? Or Christine Perillo’s cookbook series. And classics like Shakespeare, Dante, Madeline, Curious George, Dr. Seuss. 

Any book I have an interest in I check with the library first. 99% of the time they have it. Right now I am reading Margaret Atwoods “Negotiating with the Dead” suggested reading from Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. Both books I got from the library.

With the onset of e books, Nooks, IPads and such the library is not going anywhere. They will keep up to date with technology for sure. There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing the library will continue to be around for a long time.

So go there, get a library card, meet the great people who work there, cool off or warm up. It’s a place to learn or just socialize.

Happy Reading.









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