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Thoughtful Thursdays #115 Three Wishes


We all know the story of the Geni that granted three wishes. There are many variations on the story and most end up stating some moral good or bad decision. Let’s change it up a bit. You have to pick three items in the wish list. They are your wishes to keep forever or until you are finished with them. Let’s go.

  1. Constant source of income.
  2. Love of your life.
  3. Healthy body.
  4. Read minds.
  5. Be invisible.
  6. Fame.
  7. Know who your enemies are.
  8. Eliminate your enemies.
  9. The power to heal everyone you meet.
  10. Change your life.
  11. Freedom from anything oppressive.
  12. Happiness.
  13. Be a genius.
  14. Help others.
  15. Be a philanthropist.
  16. Embrace your dark side.
  17. Time travel to the past and future.
  18. More wishes.
  19. Breathe underwater.
  20. Do magic.
  21. Super strength.
  22. Control the weather.
  23. Understand all languages.
  24. Immortality.
  25. Peace.
  26. Be a superhero.
  27. Be a really bad, bad guy.
  28. Live alone on an island.

Now pick, Pick only three. They are neither right or wrong. Give your self the gift of imagining you are living your wishes.

They are yours forever or until you are finished with them.

Happy imagining.